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For your convenience we have created a few simple navigation options to optimize your shopping experience. Along the top right side of this website you will find links to login or create account, express ordering, contact us, and get help. These links will offer different information depending on if you are logged into an account or not.

Search Functions: The search box in the top right of the screen will search by our Basics item number, product name or description, or vendor product number. If you still have problems finding the item you need, please contact customer service.

The header area is designed to give you more control of your browsing capabilities. Please take special note of the Basics Brand and EPP links. These links will sort items by returning only Basics Branded items or only Environmentally Preferred Products. Also, when viewing any item which has recycled content, a recycled image will appear. The darker the colour, the more recycled content that product contains. If you scroll over the image a specific percentage will be shown.

Once logged into an account, products can be added to your shopping cart and ordered.

On the home page there are also links to our online flyer, hours of operation, and our questions/feedback forms. We welcome any feedback you may have to offer.

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