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Rules for the 2021 Giveaway

  1. Limit 1 gift bag per teacher
  2. Store Purchase over $25 (pre-tax) must be made to receive a gift bag.
  3. Educator’s must present, in person, their own ID card.
  4. Gift Bag must be accepted as is.  No substitutions of products.
  5. Giveaway continues while supplies last.

More ways to save --- join our Employee Appreciation Program, our thank you for being an Educator.

Join MicroAge Basics’ Educators Membership Program to receive additional savings, specialty gifts and exclusive coupons redeemable on much-used essentials, Educators also receive special benefits like a longer time frame for returns. 

and we'll send you a $10 certificate redeemable on your first $75 (pre-tax) order as a Thank you.

Please note:  your School Board may have a security feature that doesn't permit you to access this form through your work email.  In that event, please email your name, school, school board, postal code and position (teacher, principal, admin, IT/Technology, Librarian, Tutor, Teaching Assistant, Private Educator) to marketing@microagebasics.com and we'll happily add you to our Educators Membership Program.

Membership is free, and open to Public School teachers, staff and faculty of K-12, college and universities; Private School primary and secondary teachers and staff; Parent Educators/Home Teachers and administrators, IT and Librarians employed by a participating school board.

Loyalty Points

Through the Vicinity Five Star Rewards program you can collect points every time you shop at MicroAge Basics.   Redeem points on your often-used products or save up for a bigger item.    Next time you're in, register with your cell number at the checkout or email your name and cell number to info@microagebasics.com today.

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