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Over the years we have grown as a company and have adapted our products & services offering as new technologies become available. We now offer so many products & services that it can be difficult for our customers to know about everything that we do. This page walks through the lifespan of a fictitious Company ABC from its very beginnings to its stable daily operations, showcasing what MicroAge Basics can offer at each step of the way.

Before Opening for Business

Company ABC's founders have come up with a new widget design that they think will revolutionize the widget industry, and are going to open a new office for both sales and support of the new widget, which will have about 15 employees. They will be constructing their offices in a brand new building.

Designing The New Office

Our office space planning experts can work with the architect to help design the offices so that they can efficiently use the space within an ergonomic design. This will include positioning workstations in a way that creates quiet spaces where needed, won't be adversely affected by direct sunlight, have easy access to a central print station, and so on. Our office space planners will consult with our business communications wiring technicians to advise the architect as to the number and location of all data & phone drops required for the building in general, taking into consideration the layout of the workstations as well. This process will also identify any special needs with respect to electrical. Finally, our network administration experts can provide advice as to the best design for the main server room and the associated electrical and HVAC requirements for it.

Building The New Office

Based on our recommendations, the architect specified in the blueprints for the building that all data/phone drops into the walls will use conduit piping that extends beyond into the ceiling area. This allows for the data/phone wiring to be installed more easily now, and will also allow it to be updated in the future (as technology changes). During construction, our telecom wiring team will ensure that the conduits are installed properly to avoid problems down the road. In any areas where conduits are not possible, our wiring team will begin to pull wires into those locations prior to the finished materials being constructed. When ready (ideally after the walls are painted but before the drop ceiling is installed) our wiring team will pull all the data & phone wires from the central server room to each individual workstation, office, or device location.

Construction Completed

After the building is finished, several of our installation experts will be called into action:

  • First, our furniture assembly team will build all of the custom workstations for the office, including the executive desks for the founders in their offices, the cubicle workstations for the sales & support employees, the boardroom table, and chairs all around. We will also provide and deliver Company ABC's filing and storage solutions, which includes both standard filing cabinets as well as shelving and other storage products.
  • Second, our telephone systems team will install a new Toshiba digital phone system with voicemail in the server room and all of the individual phones at each workstation.
  • Third, our corporate computer services team will install all of the PC's in each office and workstation, as well as the main printer which is also connected to the network. They will also install the main servers, routers, and firewalls in the server room, as well as the projector, screen, and sound system for the boardroom.
  • Fourth, our copier service technicians will install a new Toshiba eStudio multi-function machine, which is also connected to the network.
  • Fifth, our office supplies delivery drivers will drop off all the pens, paper, janitorial supplies, and everything else that had been ordered up to this point. Most of those supplies will be delivered to the individual workstations or devices that need them by one of our various installation teams.

Company ABC's "Grand Opening"

Likely the very first thing that will need to happen will be the training of the employees to use their new phone system. Our telecom specialists will provide this training on-site and will be able to tweak the system as needed for each individual. We will also provide on-site training as requested for any of the other technology solutions that we installed, such as how to effectively use the presentation system in the boardroom. At this point (or perhaps before this point), our corporate mobility consultants can advise Company ABC with a Telus mobile phone and data plan which adds productivity to their employees.

Ongoing Business Operations

We offer free next-day delivery for office products, which can be ordered via phone, fax, or online. This includes not only pens and paper, but also toner cartridges and other consumables. Our network administrators will be constantly performing remote monitoring of the technology infrastructure and will be notified when issues arise as well as taking the necessary preventative maintenance actions. If any issues arise with anything we've sold or delivered - we can fix it. This includes the furniture, chairs, computers, printers, copiers, and telephone systems.

Getting on the Web

Now that Company ABC is off the ground and open for business, MicroAge Basics can help them to gain further efficiencies by complementing their business processes on the web. We can build a custom solution to help with both the sales and support of the new widgets which includes several self-service interactive pages for their customers.

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